Bibliographies: building worlds

I suppose it's odd of me, but I enjoy research. Sometimes I have trouble tearing myself away from yet another book to start writing.

I'm often curious about what books another writer has used to build their concepts of worlds and characters. In case you're like me, here's a sampling of the books I've poked through for some of my works-in-progress. The lists are not complete, but I'll try to add most of the important sources as I go.


Folklore and Magic
find their way into most of my stories

Briggs, Katherine. The Fairies in Tradition and Literature

Evans, George Ewart. The Pattern Under the Plough

Flowers, Stephen. The Galdrabok: an Icelandic Grimoire

Kirk, Robert. The Secret Common-wealth

Northall, G.F. English Folk Rhymes

Taylor, Archer. English Riddles from Oral Tradition

Thompson, Stith. The Folktale

Storms, G. Anglo-Saxon Magic

Material Culture, or everyday life, is something that fascinates me (I know, I'm a geek)

Cobbett, William. Cottage Economy

Hartley, Dorothy. Lost Country Life

Markham, Gervase. The English Housewife


Willow Knot bibliography:

Bruford, W.H. Germany in the Eighteenth Century

Fearn, Thatchers and Thatching

Freethy, Ron. Woodlands of Britain

Grimm's Tales for Young and Old

Groves, Sylvia. History of Needlework Tools and Accessories

Heseltine, Alastair. Baskets and Basketmaking

Kerner, Roger. Bohemia in the Eighteenth Century

Royal Palace of Visegrad

Secret Memoirs of the Princess Lamballe

Warren-Wren, S.C. Willows

Watkin, David. Royal Interiors of Regency England

Cost of Silver bibliography:

Cony-Catchers and Bawdy Baskets

The English Civil War Armies (Men-at-Arms series)

Holmes, Reg. Cromwell's Ely

James, M. R. Suffolk and Norfolk

Lindley, Keith. Fenland Riots and the English Revolution

Peters, Simon. The Witchfinder and the Devil's Darlings

Robbins, The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology

Fraser, Antonia. The Weaker Vessel

Gaskill, Malcolm. Witchfinders: a seventeenth-century English tragedy

MacFarlane, Alan. Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England

Sharpe, James. Instruments of Darkness

Fate of the Dead bibliography

Wood. The English Medieval House

History of the County of Suffolk

West, Harold Mills. Ghosts of East Anglia

Brown, Theo. The Fate of the Dead

Cotton, William Charles. My Bee Book

Children of Mercury bibliography

Life of Benvenuto Cellini

Cennini, Cennino. The Craftsman's Handbook

Thomas, Anabel. Painter's Practice in Renaissance Tuscany

Antal, Frederick. Florentine Painting and its Social Background

Edgerton, Samuel. Pictures and Punishment

Stern, Laura. The Criminal Law System of Medieval and Renaissance Florence

On the Transmontane Run (short story) bibliography

Abbott, Patrick. The British airship at war 1914-18
Beaubois, Henry. Dirigeables: histoire illustree
Bradley, Glenn. The Story of the Pony Express
Hartcup, Guy. Achievement of the airship
Hayward, Charles. Dirigible balloons: an instruction paper
Settle, Raymond. Saddles and spurs: the Pony Express saga